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Major Dental Treatments Provided by a Pediatric Dentist

Major Dental Treatments Provided by a Pediatric Dentist

Posted by DR. CLARK on Jun 27 2022, 03:19 PM

A pediatric dentist specializes in providing dental care treatments and services to children. An array of services are facilitated at the dental practice, a few of which have been listed below. 

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are thin plastic coatings that are applied to the biting surfaces of the molars to prevent cavities. These prevention methods work by adding an extra layer of defense against bacteria and debris. The chewing surfaces of back teeth are highly susceptible to cavities because food particles can easily become stuck there. The sealants prevent food from becoming stuck there in the first place, which means that bacteria will have nowhere to grow.


Fillings are used to repair a tooth that has been damaged by decay. It removes the decayed portion of the tooth while restoring the tooth to its normal shape and function. Fillings can be made from a variety of materials, including metal amalgam, composite resin, and porcelain.

Space Maintainers

A pediatric dentist offers a variety of treatments for children. With today’s technology, many treatment options are non-surgical and virtually painless. One common treatment provided is space maintainers.

A space maintainer is a type of orthodontic appliance that is designed to hold space for permanent teeth. If a primary tooth is removed before a permanent tooth is ready, the teeth on either side of the missing tooth can shift into the space of the missing tooth. 

A space maintainer can prevent teeth from shifting into the space of the missing tooth. 


Pediatric dentists can extract teeth when necessary but prefer to preserve natural teeth whenever possible. Extracting teeth is a last resort if a child’s baby teeth cannot be saved or if the child needs orthodontic treatment in the future, such as braces. Extracting baby teeth may be necessary if a child’s baby teeth have decayed, broken, or been knocked out.

Pulp Therapy

A pediatric dentist can evaluate your child’s condition and determine if pulp therapy is needed. Some pediatric dentists even specialize in pulp therapy.

Pulp therapy is a treatment designed to remove infected pulp (the tissue inside the tooth that contains nerves and blood vessels). This treatment is done when the pulp becomes inflamed or diseased.

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