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"Apparently there are not too many dentists open in Ft Collins on a Friday (my regular dentist is only open mon-wed!) and Dr Clark was gracious enough to take me in as an emergency same-day appointment on a Friday afternoon and spent a great deal of time trying to figure out what was causing my hellacious tear inducing tooth pain. I spent an hour there with his lovely staff and he did about 15 different diagnostics and was very patient with me even though I could not localize the pain. He explained everything he was doing, went over the x-rays in detail, and when I left, my tooth no longer hurt and still going strong 2 weeks later! I will be switching dentists for sure after this :)"


"I have been going to Dr. Clark for the past six years and his office always makes my visits pleasant. I used to dread going to the dentist, but his staff is very good at what they do and work their best to make my visits enjoyable."


"I always dreaded going to the Dentist until I met Dr. Clark. He is very kind and dedicated to the details of your teeth. I have had the best teeth cleaning done by him that I have ever had! I would highly recommend Dr. Clark as a dentist."


"I would like to say that Dr. Clark is a very dedicated dentist. He listens to me when I speak to him about my concerns. He also makes sure I am not in any pain or discomfort. His new staff was a pleasant surprise. Thank you all for the service given to me."


"You were able to get me in last minute for a filling prior to hopping on a plane for a 2 week mountain vacation. THANK YOU!!! I had no issues while I was away and I am so grateful. Dr. Clark took his time and made sure I had the right bite and because he did that, my filling wasn't too high. The assistant was in an interview process but did well and the casual conversation between them helped me relax."


"Dr. Clark is the most knowledgeable dentist I've ever been to and he shares his knowledge by teaching part time at Front Range Community College. He diagnosed a jaw problem of mine that had been causing me head and jaw pain for over two years and recommended an orthodontist to correct the problem. I had been to two dentists before him who didn't know what caused my head and jaw pain. I highly recommend him."


"I found Dr. Bruce very good to me and he shows great concern for mitigating pain. I have referred my father and girlfriend. He made changes in his office when he found the staff was not handling the office properly. They made me aware and explained the situation. I feel he is an honest dentist and his only drawback is he is a little hard of hearing in one ear but that is easily overcome."


"Dr. Clark is very knowledgeable, thorough and conscientious. Possibly the best dentist I have ever seen."


"Dr. Clark is amazing, caring, and lets you know step by step what’s going on. Dr. Clark and his staff also provide excellent customer service."


"I've been a patient of Dr. Clark's for many years. I have always had a great experience he is gentle and caring, I would highly recommend him."


"I had not seen a dentist in 7 years. Granted my teeth were not that bad but I did have the start of gum disease. Dr. Clark did a deep cleaning on them. He made an unpleasant experience, more bearable. He would ask me through out if I was any pain and so he would make sure that I was not in pain while he was deep cleaning my teeth. He is a very personable dentist. He treats everyone with the best approach possible. Plus he is Creighton University alum and so am I. So, he is the best Dentist that I know!"


"Dr. Clark is amazing. He rescued my mouth that needed some serious attention. It had been almost 12 years since I had seen a dentist. Dr. Clark and his team were awesome! Best experience I've had at a dentist and I've been to a few. He and his staff are very friendly and take the time to make your visit personable."


"Years since I had seen a dentist, my gums were bleeding and I was in the most pain I had ever felt! Dr. Clark relieved my entrancement and pain. A major overhaul cleaning and a root canal is what i needed at a reasonable price (the best price in town) and Dr. Clark and his team took care of me. Now I'm feeling confident and proud of my smile. Thank you Dr. Clark!"


"I am super nervous about getting my wisdom teeth out, but Dr. Clark calmed my nerves with his thorough explanation of the procedure and his calm nature. His staff is very friendly too."


"Dr. Clark and the staff provided remarkable service. He was very knowledgeable and happy to answer questions without making me feel rushed. I was so so pleased."


"I am absolutely mortified that I haven't left a review before now! I could have sworn I did because wow I am really impressed with Dr. Clark! Though, full disclosure, I have never had a problem with going to the dentist, his staff and demeanor have always made every visit, from the very first, an actual highlight of my day! I picked him out of the phone book because in his ad it said, Doing what I love, and it really shows!"


"Dr. Clark is very patient and he is very welcoming. I recommend him. I also appreciate the staff members who constantly remind me in variety of ways about appointments and how to schedule, etc."


"Clark is a gentle dentist. He explains things well. He's very conscious of issues that make patients like me uncomfortable."


"Dr. Clark is a caring wonderful dentist. He gives you very personal care at a quality price. I would highly recommend going to his office! The best teeth cleaning I have ever had!"


"Excellent.. Honest, fair and does great work.. A dentist I can really trust and is has the patient's best interest at heart."


"I LOVE Dr. Clark!!! The best dentist I have ever dealt with. He's thorough, gentle, professional.....and the staff is always so friendly and helpful too!!"


"I have been going to Dr. Clark for 3 years. Throughout that time I have received excellent care. He and his staff are the best."


"Dr. Clark is always very thorough in his work, very careful and caring."


"My work is always done professionally and promptly. Dr. Clark makes good suggestions on how to improve my dental health and well being. A pleasure to go to the dentist."


"Very friendly office along with kind and gentle dental care. Glad we made the switch."


"Dr. Clark and team are exactly that... a team! From the moment you enter the reception area, till the time you leave, you are attended to with the utmost care and professionalism found anywhere. Dr. Clark will listen to you in full, to find the most effective and inexpensive cure for your dental ills. I recommend him and team highly."


"I have seen many dentists throughout the years and none have made me feel as comfortable and welcomed as Dr. Clark. I have never been the most proactive when it has come to dental care and in the past I have dreaded going to the dentist and facing judgmental staff and intrusive dental instruments.

Here, it's different. I am not judged; I am taken care of and my concerns are listened to. I am confident that I would never be coerced into having work done that is not imperative and that I can get an honest, professional opinion regarding any work that necessary. That is why I have been going here for 3 year now and don't intend to leave. If you're looking for an experienced, personable and professional dentist (with an A+ staff) you really should schedule an appointment."


"I am so impressed with Dr.Clark & his practice! I was fortunate to go to him for a second opinion after another dentist that was new in town, said that I needed nearly 2k worth of dental work. Since I have always had great teeth & regular care, I was skeptical. Dr.Clark did a thorough exam and cleaning before reassuring me that there was only one area of mild concern with an old filling & it would be okay to watch it for the time being. Wow! His experience & honesty saved me from a ton of unnecessary & costly dental work. I just had another cleaning & exam and continue to be thoroughly impressed. It is great to have a dentist that I can trust."


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