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Endodontics in Fort Collins, CO

Endodontics in Fort Collins, CO

The root canal is the central cavity that every tooth houses. It is filled with the dental pulp that comprises blood vessels and nerves that are responsible for the nourishment and sensation of the tooth. Sometimes, the root canal can get severely infected when a cavity grows deeper and reaches the inner layers of the tooth. This leads to a condition called the root canal infection, which can put the tooth at risk of being extracted.

How is root canal therapy performed?

A root canal therapy is widely known as the last resort method of saving a badly infected tooth. A thorough screening of the teeth will be done to determine the extent of infection. After this, the teeth will be cleaned to prevent the microbes from entering the infected region. A tiny hole will be made on the infected tooth. This allows us to extract the decayed pulp from within.

Dental files will be inserted into the tooth through the hole, one after the other. After the infected pulp is removed, the walls of the cavity will be scrubbed to get rid of the microbes. A jet of water will be used to rinse away the debris. Before the hole is sealed off with a filling, a small amount of medication will be placed inside the tooth to prevent reinfection.


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