Composite White Fillings in Fort Collins, CO

Composite White Fillings in Fort Collins, CO

Fillings are currently used to restore decayed or mildly damaged teeth. Historically, fillings were made from materials such as gold and silver amalgam. Though they offered excellent durability and sealing properties, their usage has been discontinued in recent times due to improvement in materials, esthetics and environmental consideration. As an alternative, white fillings made from composite resin or dental-grade ceramic are now being used to fill cavities.

What are the advantages of composite white fillings?

  • White fillings are made from ceramic particles and unfilled resin combined to produce a composite. They can usually be matched to mimic the color, texture, and contour of the natural teeth, thereby making the filling subtle and discrete in mouth.
  • White fillings can offer excellent durability and strength. For regular oral activities such as biting and chewing food, their rate of wear is usually negligible.
  • The white filling will be bonded to the cavity preparation, making the filling more resistant to microbial infiltration at the tooth surface.
  • Placement of white fillings is simple and conservative, making this a good chair side procedure. 
  • White fillings do not normally produce toxic reactions in the environment or with the sensitive tissues of the mouth. 


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