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Composite White Fillings in Fort Collins, CO

Composite White Fillings in Fort Collins, CO

Fillings are used to restore decayed or mildly damaged teeth. The materials used to restore teeth include cast metals, amalgamated metals, composite resins, and tempered ceramic glass. All of these materials have been successfully used as durable restorations in Dentistry. Currently, white fillings have become favored alternatives over traditional metal restorative materials. While historically, gold and silver amalgam was the go-to choice for durable restorations, we are now seeing a decline in use and are now being replaced by improved composites and hardened glass-ceramic restorations. One of the early advantages of white fillings was improved color and conservative treatment options. 

What are the advantages of white fillings? 

  • White fillings are made from ecologically friendly ceramic particles and unfilled resin combined to produce a composite.
  • White fillings can offer excellent durability and strength. 
  • White fillings are bonded into the cavity preparation, thus being more resistant to microbial infiltration. 
  • The placement of white fillings is simple and conservative of tooth structure. 
  • White fillings can be matched for natural tooth color, texture, and contour. 
  • White fillings are considered tissue-friendly. 


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