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Dental Hygiene in Fort Collins, CO

Dental Hygiene in Fort Collins, CO

Dental hygiene, or cleanings, is the most common and essential of dental treatments. Dentistry is a preventative health care service, so hygiene is a foundation for ideal oral health. 

How can professional oral cleaning benefit you? 

We live in this world with all kinds of other living organisms, and sometimes we share ourselves with them: like ancient oceans, our mouths are perfect environments for growing life, as such a place offers protection, warmth, darkness, and food for microbes, like our oral bacteria. Sometimes this arrangement is beneficial and sometimes not; when the bacterial count goes up, plaques form on your teeth and elsewhere, and damage in the form of decay and inflammation is the result. Daily habits like brushing and flossing are always helpful and can be enhanced by having professional cleaning that removes plaque and tartar buildup that can't be reached or removed with home care alone. Dental office cleanings accomplish this quickly and painlessly. Additionally, cleaning appointments include oral health examinations and record gathering to monitor changes in your dental health over time. 


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