Pediatric Dentistry in Fort Collins, CO

Pediatric Dentistry in Fort Collins, CO

Pediatric dentistry involves monitoring the oral health of a child from infancy to adolescence. It is recommended that children should visit the dentist biannually, starting from the age of twelve months to maintain balanced oral health.

What does pediatric dentistry involve?

In pediatric dental care, the dentist will:

  • Examine the teeth for signs of decay and cavities
  • Check for any signs of malocclusion
  • Track jaw and tooth development.
  • Give parents a clear idea about how to care for their child's teeth, i.e., preventive care at home
  • Demonstrate proper brushing and flossing techniques for the child
  • Treat the tooth having a cavity and apply filling to it
  • Extract the baby teeth if it poses a problem by refusing to fall off
  • Suggest preventive measures for thumb sucking
  • Apply topical fluoride coating onto a child's teeth to protect the enamel.


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