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Periodontics in Fort Collins, CO

Periodontics in Fort Collins, CO


Essentially, periodontal health is having healthy gums. Gums matter, because they are the support apparatus for healthy teeth and good general health. Unhealthy gums can result in bleeding, swelling and pain in the mouth, and when it is severe, receding gums, loose teeth and even tooth loss. Periodontitis is progressive, often is not painful and usually worsens over time. 

How is periodontitis treated? 

Every time a patient comes for an exam they are routinely checked for periodontal health. Based on periodontal depth measurements and inflammation around the gum, a deep cleaning may be recommended for the affected area. For mild to moderate gum disease, deep cleaning may be recommended for affected areas. Deep cleanings are non-surgical treatments for gum disease and can usually be maintained with regular cleanings thereafter, or alternated with periodontal maintenance appointments for more serious cases. Surgical treatment may be recommended for the most severe cases of gum disease. 


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