Periodontics in Fort Collins, CO

Periodontics in Fort Collins, CO

Periodontitis can be a very serious condition that affects the gum tissues. It can disrupt a person’s entire oral health, causing symptoms such as bad breath, the release of pus and bleeding of gums, decaying of the gum tissues, loosening of the teeth from their sockets in the jawbone, receding of gum tissues, etc.

How is periodontitis treated?

When you visit the dentist with a severe case of gum diseases, the dentist will thoroughly diagnose you and develop a treatment plan. Initially, we will remove the infected gum tissues using laser therapy. For this, we use an intense laser beam to vaporize the tissues and seal the wound underneath instantaneously. This process is quick, painless, and the best way to remove infected gums. Further, if the volume of gums is less and the gum line has receded, we will suggest a gum graft to replenish its volume. Soft tissues will be extracted from a healthy part of the mouth, such as the palate, and grafted to the receded region.


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