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Why Is Extraction Necessary?

Why Is Extraction Necessary?

Posted by Dr. Clark on Mar 31 2022, 11:52 AM

Most of us have a strong desire to preserve our natural teeth and smile. No one wants to get their tooth pulled unless it is done for a beneficial purpose. Tooth extraction is a dental procedure to remove the tooth from its socket.

In the case of minor decay or cavities, an infected tooth can be preserved through dental veneers or dental crowns. But there are situations in which extraction of the tooth is recommended for oral benefits.

Reasons Why You Would Need Tooth Extraction

Severe Infection

A small infection in your tooth may interfere with biting, chewing, or even carrying on with daily activities. Dental visits at the first spot of infection can treat the issue effectively before it gets worse into serious oral complications. If you reach the dentist's office with long-term tooth decay and intense pain, there is no hope other than to extract the infected tooth. The procedure extracts the deteriorating tooth out and keeps the remaining teeth healthy.

Intense Gum Disease

People may not notice the silent signs of the initial stages of gum disease. However, advanced periodontal disease causes severe infection in the gumline, affecting the root of your tooth resulting in the loosening of a tooth. Hence, dentists recommend tooth extraction as the best option to keep the rest of your mouth healthy and safe.

Tooth Overcrowding 

Overcrowding of teeth within the mouth affects one's smile and does not find room to occupy all the teeth. Extraction of problematic teeth finds enough space for other teeth to spread, offering a straight smile without braces.

Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom teeth can get impacted when they don’t have enough space to grow upright. The condition causes infection, leading to pain, difficulty chewing, and bad breath. Thus, the extraction of wisdom teeth is inevitable for the health of surrounding teeth and gums and keeping teeth from becoming misaligned.

Follow-up Care After Tooth Extraction

  • Take medication as prescribed
  • Apply ice pack onto an affected area after the procedure
  • Rest or limit the activities for a couple of days
  • Eat soft food such as soup, pudding, yogurt during the healing time
  • Practice routine brushing and flossing to prevent infection
  • Avoid smoking and tobacco use
  • Rinse with warm saline water after 24 hours

For expert and safe tooth extraction to benefit the health of your mouth and surrounding tooth and gums, visit Bruce R. Clark, DDS, MAGD, 2550 Stover St E-102, Fort Collins, CO 80525. Call us at ( 970 ) 498 8607 to book an appointment.

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