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Posted by Dr. Clark on Dec 16 2021, 05:21 AM

We, the office people, are excited about a new program for electric toothbrushes that offers a nice, industry-competitive e-brush with a plan that replaces brush heads every three months! We want everyone in the practice to have e-brushes, but retail costs for new electric toothbrushes and the replacement cost for brush heads can be discouraging. Our office is now going to be offering an e-brush program for a very modest price that also helps patients get replacement brush heads every three months delivered to their mailing address. We try all of the new products offered by the practice, and I think everyone is going to love this one. Happily, my new Burst brush does everything as well as my personal top-line Oral B but with only the essential features, and that is to say, there are no fancy app interfaces with the Burst. I like having a timer on my e-brush that tells me when two minutes is up—a subjectively long time when you're brushing those pearly whites. I like that the bristles are soft, and the tips are polished. The bristles are also shaped to go in between your teeth more easily than straight-cut bristles like on my Oral B. This bristle softening also transmits the mechanical force more gently without the overwhelming buzz of a conventional e-brush head. After two minutes of cleaning, my teeth feel as clean as with my Oral B. One of the interesting features of Burst e-brushes is black bristles. The color is a charcoal nanoparticle coating that may help with whitening. There are no studies out yet to show charcoal alters stain appearance other than by abrasion alone, but that its abrasive action is within the American Dental Association guidelines for Relative Dentin Abrasivity (RDA<100). Finally, the Burst e-brush is base rechargeable and features a 700 mAh lithium-ion battery, and this is enough to last for a month of brushing! 

Happy New Year, Everyone! 

Bruce Clark, DDS, MAGD 

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